Bryn Mawr Film Institute

Listen to Bryn Mawr Film Institute's weekly feature on "Time Out With Phillip Silverstone"

November 6, 2012

Be sure to listen to Bryn Mawr Film Institute’s Juliet Goodfriend and other staff members discuss the “big picture” issues of the film industry and what’s coming up on the silver screen on Phillip Silverstone’s radio show, Time Out With Phillip Silverstone. Bryn Mawr Film Institute’s segment, “Projections”, is the leading feature on every week’s show. You can stream the podcasts at or search for "Phillip Silverstone" on TuneIn.

Phillip Silverstone grew up on Abbey Road, St. Johns Wood, London and has lived in the Philadelphia area since 1977. Phillip’s wine features were heard daily on classical radio in Philly for 20 years, and he was twice Emmy nominated for his PBS series “One On Wine”. He has a syndicated weekly wine column in Montgomery Media newspapers.

On Time Out With Phillip Silverstone, which he hosts and produces, Phillip interviews TV and movie actors, film and theatre directors, sports legends, authors, and international and regional stage actors. In addition to Bryn Mawr Film Institute’s segment, “Projections,” there is a weekly Wine Chat with Jill Weber; Seth Reichgott presents “Centre Stage,” a weekly overview of the region’s theatre; and students from the Design & Merchandising program at Westphal College of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University in Philadelphia present "Philly Wears," the show’s weekly fashionable feature.


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