Cinema Classics Seminar: Reservoir Dogs ended on July 13, 2017.
Please check the schedule below for other classes you might enjoy.
Oct 16-Nov 27Film History Discussion Series: 1945-Present
Oct 16The Language of Film
Oct 17-Oct 24The Magic of Disney, Pt. 2
Oct 17-Oct 31The Language of Film at PMA–CANCELED
Oct 19Cinema Classics Seminar: The Silence of the Lambs-- SOLD OUT!
Oct 19-Nov 16The Building Blocks of the Screenplay–SOLD OUT!
Oct 23-Nov 13“From Mr. Chips to Scarface”: The Legacy of Breaking Bad
Oct 31-Nov 21“It’s Alive!”: Monsters in Horror Cinema
Nov 20-Dec 18Swept Away: The Films of Lina Wertmüller
Dec 13Cinema Classics Seminar: Marathon Man