Bryn Mawr Film Institute


Film History Discussion Series:
Presidents and Potentates
ended on December 10, 2012.
Please check the schedule below for other classes you might enjoy.
Apr 22Cinema Classics Seminar: City Lights
Apr 23The Language of Film—at PMA
May 5-Jun 16Film History Discussion Series: 1964
May 6-May 27Genres of Bollywood
May 7-May 28Akira Kurosawa: East Meets West
Jun 3-Jun 24Chaplin: Post Modern Times
Jun 30-Aug 72014 Summer Filmmaking Workshop
Sep 9Cinema Classics Seminar:
David Lynch's The Elephant Man
Sep 10Cinema Classics Seminar:
David Lynch's Blue Velvet
Sep 11Cinema Classics Seminar:
David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

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