Sep 24Art House Theater Day featuring Three Stooges Shorts
Sep 24Yerma
Sep 24-Sep 28Brad's Status
Sep 24-Sep 27Mother!
Sep 24-Sep 28Viceroy’s House
Sep 24-Sep 28The Wilde Wedding
Sep 24-Sep 28Columbus
Sep 25-Nov 27Film History Discussion Series: 1945-Present
Sep 25-Oct 16The Language of Film
Sep 26Michelangelo: Love and Death
Sep 27Secundaria
Sep 28-Nov 16The Building Blocks of the Screenplay-- SOLD OUT!
Sep 28The Secret Cinema presents: Son of Trailer Trash
Oct 1Le Nozze di Figaro
Oct 2-Dec 4Open Screen Monday Contest
Oct 3-Oct 24The Magic of Disney, Pt. 2
Oct 5-Oct 14Deconstructing the Beatles’ Revolver
Oct 7Trolls
Oct 8-Apr 22Talk Cinema
Oct 8-Oct 12Macbeth
Oct 10-Oct 31The Language of Film at PMA
Oct 11John le Carré: An Evening with George Smiley
Oct 14Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Oct 15-Oct 21In Search of Mozart
Oct 16Walk with Me
Oct 18Winning
Oct 19Cinema Classics Seminar: The Silence of the Lambs
Oct 19The Silence of the Lambs
Oct 21How to Train Your Dragon
Oct 22Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci
Oct 23-Nov 13“From Mr. Chips to Scarface”: The Legacy of Breaking Bad
Oct 26Monster Mash 2017 with Lou DiCrescenzo
Oct 28The Monster Squad
Oct 31-Nov 21“It’s Alive!”: Monsters in Horror Cinema
Oct 31Frankenstein
Nov 1Cinema Paradiso
Nov 4NY Dog Film Festival: Program 1
Nov 4NY Dog Film Festival: Program 2
Nov 5-Nov 9The Taming of the Shrew
Nov 8Beat the Devil
Nov 11Sing
Nov 12A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Nov 15Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival: Across the Waters
Nov 16Bonnie and Clyde
Nov 18Old Yeller
Nov 18-Nov 30Deconstructing the Beatles’ Rubber Soul
Nov 19La Forza del Destino
Nov 20-Dec 18Swept Away: The Films of Lina Wertmüller
Nov 20Behind the White Glasses
Nov 22Everybody Sing! The King and I
Nov 25The Secret Life of Pets
Nov 26-Dec 2Canaletto and the Art of Venice
Nov 27All Screwed Up
Dec 2Grease
Dec 4Love & Anarchy
Dec 6A Night with Steadicam Inventor Garrett Brown
Dec 7-Dec 21Follies
Dec 9Annie
Dec 10La Favorite
Dec 11Swept Away
Dec 13Cinema Classics Seminar: Marathon Man
Dec 13Marathon Man
Dec 14After the Thin Man
Dec 16Meet Me in St. Louis
Dec 17The Nutcracker
Dec 18Seven Beauties
Dec 20Everybody Sing! The Sound of Music
Dec 23White Christmas
Dec 30Mary Poppins
February 2018
Feb 22-Feb 25Cat on a Hot Tin Roof