Dec 11-Dec 18Swept Away: The Films of Lina Wertmüller
Dec 11Swept Away
Dec 12-Dec 14The Square
Dec 12-Dec 14Lady Bird
Dec 12-Dec 14Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Dec 12-Dec 14Murder on the Orient Express
Dec 13Cinema Classics Seminar: Marathon Man
Dec 13Marathon Man
Dec 14After the Thin Man
Dec 16Meet Me in St. Louis
Dec 16-Dec 21Follies
Dec 17The Nutcracker
Dec 18Seven Beauties
Dec 20Everybody Sing! The Sound of Music – SOLD OUT!
Dec 23White Christmas
Dec 30Mary Poppins
Dec 31Raffle Drawing: Win a Seven-night Stay for Twelve in Spain and $1000 Spending Cash!
January 2018
Jan 4-Jan 7Young Marx
Jan 6Planet of the Apes
Jan 8-Mar 5Open Screen Monday
Jan 10Cinema Classics Seminar: Unforgiven
Jan 10Unforgiven – 25th Anniversary
Jan 13Every Which Way But Loose
Jan 14Carmen
Jan 16Short Attention Span Cinema 4: Long Story Short
Jan 16Mindscape Film Festival
Jan 1744 Pages
Jan 20Curious George
Jan 20Le Corsaire
Jan 21-Apr 22Talk Cinema
Jan 21Uncle Vanya
Jan 22-Mar 26Film History Discussion Series: 1945-Present (2018)
Jan 22-Feb 12Chance Encounters, Permanent Consequences: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski, Pt. 2
Jan 23-Feb 13Once in a Lifetime: Jonathan Demme in the 1980s
Jan 23Melvin and Howard
Jan 24Midnight Express
Jan 25-Mar 15The Building Blocks of the Screenplay
Jan 27The Barefoot Executive
Jan 28-Feb 3David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts
Jan 30Stop Making Sense
Jan 31Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey
February 2018
Feb 3A Shot in the Dark
Feb 4Don Carlos
Feb 6Something Wild
Feb 8Different Flowers
Feb 10Inspector Clouseau
Feb 11-Feb 15Romeo and Juliet
Feb 13Married to the Mob
Feb 14When Harry Met Sally…
Feb 17Pink Panther Cartoons
Feb 18Rigoletto
Feb 19-Mar 12“Made in America”: Rebranding Existentialism in The Sopranos
Feb 20-Mar 13Commentary, Satire, and Censorship in British Cinema
Feb 21Cinema Classics Seminar: Blow-Up
Feb 21Blow-Up
Feb 22-Feb 25Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Feb 24Romeo and Juliet
Feb 24The Pink Panther
Feb 28Water and Sugar: Carlo Di Palma, the Colours of Life
March 2018
Mar 3It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Mar 4-Mar 8Cyrano de Bergerac
Mar 6-Mar 20Art/Cinema III at PMA
Mar 7Cinema Classics Seminar: Blade Runner
Mar 7Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Mar 10The Great Race
Mar 11Tosca
Mar 11Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia
Mar 14Escapes
Mar 15-Mar 18Hamlet
Mar 17The Gumball Rally
Mar 19-Apr 9Dark Streets, Dark Lives: The Cinema of Jean-Pierre Melville
Mar 19Bob le Flambeur
Mar 21Strange Truth: Rat Film
Mar 22-Apr 5Special Topic: Philosophy on Film – From Outrage to Forgiveness
Mar 24The Love Bug
Mar 25-Apr 14Cézanne: Portraits of a Life
Mar 26Army of Shadows
Mar 28My Journey Through French Cinema
Mar 31Rat Race
April 2018
Apr 2Un Flic
Apr 9Le Cercle Rouge