Dec 13-Dec 21Lady Bird
Dec 13-Dec 14The Square
Dec 13-Dec 14Murder on the Orient Express
Dec 13-Dec 21Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Dec 13Cinema Classics Seminar: Marathon Man
Dec 13Marathon Man
Dec 14After the Thin Man
Dec 15-Dec 21Darkest Hour
Dec 15-Dec 21Wonder Wheel
Dec 16Meet Me in St. Louis
Dec 16-Dec 21Follies
Dec 17The Nutcracker
Dec 18Swept Away: The Films of Lina Wertmüller
Dec 18Seven Beauties
Dec 20Everybody Sing! The Sound of Music – SOLD OUT!
Dec 23White Christmas
Dec 30Mary Poppins
Dec 31Raffle Drawing: Win a Seven-night Stay for Twelve in Spain and $1000 Spending Cash!
January 2018
Jan 4-Jan 7Young Marx
Jan 6Planet of the Apes
Jan 8-Mar 5Open Screen Monday
Jan 10Cinema Classics Seminar: Unforgiven
Jan 10Unforgiven – 25th Anniversary
Jan 13Every Which Way But Loose
Jan 14Carmen
Jan 16Short Attention Span Cinema 4: Long Story Short
Jan 16Mindscape Film Festival
Jan 1744 Pages
Jan 20Curious George
Jan 20Le Corsaire
Jan 21-Apr 22Talk Cinema
Jan 21Uncle Vanya
Jan 22-Mar 26Film History Discussion Series: 1945-Present
Jan 22-Feb 12Chance Encounters, Permanent Consequences: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski, Pt. 2
Jan 23-Feb 13Once in a Lifetime: Jonathan Demme in the 1980s
Jan 23Melvin and Howard
Jan 24Midnight Express
Jan 25-Mar 15The Building Blocks of the Screenplay
Jan 27The Barefoot Executive
Jan 28-Feb 3David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts
Jan 30Stop Making Sense
Jan 31Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey
February 2018
Feb 1Jay Schwartz presents Decayed Cinema
Feb 3A Shot in the Dark
Feb 4Don Carlos
Feb 6Something Wild
Feb 8Different Flowers
Feb 10Inspector Clouseau
Feb 11-Feb 15Romeo and Juliet
Feb 13Married to the Mob
Feb 14When Harry Met Sally…
Feb 17Pink Panther Cartoons
Feb 18Rigoletto
Feb 19-Mar 12“Made in America”: Rebranding Existentialism in The Sopranos
Feb 20-Mar 13Commentary, Satire, and Censorship in British Cinema
Feb 21Cinema Classics Seminar: Blow-Up
Feb 21Blow-Up
Feb 22-Feb 25Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Feb 24Romeo and Juliet
Feb 24The Pink Panther
Feb 28Water and Sugar: Carlo Di Palma, the Colours of Life
March 2018
Mar 3It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Mar 4-Mar 8Cyrano de Bergerac
Mar 6-Mar 20Art/Cinema III at PMA
Mar 7Cinema Classics Seminar: Blade Runner
Mar 7Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Mar 10The Great Race
Mar 11Tosca
Mar 11Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia
Mar 14Escapes
Mar 15-Mar 18Hamlet
Mar 17The Gumball Rally
Mar 19-Apr 9Dark Streets, Dark Lives: The Cinema of Jean-Pierre Melville
Mar 19Bob le Flambeur
Mar 21Strange Truth: Rat Film
Mar 22-Apr 5Special Topic: Philosophy on Film – From Outrage to Forgiveness
Mar 24The Love Bug
Mar 25-Apr 14Cézanne: Portraits of a Life
Mar 26Army of Shadows
Mar 28My Journey Through French Cinema
Mar 31Rat Race
April 2018
Apr 2Un Flic
Apr 9Le Cercle Rouge