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Contact a Staff Member

By Phone

To reach a staff member by phone, dial 610.527.4008 and the appropriate extension number below.
  • Samuel Scott, Executive Director/CEO: x101
  • Andrew J. Douglas, Ph.D., Director of Education: x102
  • Charles Grafman, Director of Development: x103
  • Jan Prendergast, Director of Finance: x104
  • Heather Rosenfeldt, Art Director: x105
  • Patricia Russo, Membership Manager: x106
  • Zane Stalberg, Membership and Rentals Coordinator: x107
  • Jill Malcolm, Education Coordinator: x108
  • Jacob Mazer, Special Programming Manager: x109
  • Gina Izzo, Director of Marketing: x110
  • Clinton McCartney, Facilities Coordinator: x112
  • Mike McCracken, Director of Theater Operations: x115
  • Christian Layfield, Lead Theater Manager: x115
  • Keon Hawkins, Assistant Theater Manager: x115
  • Jon Seidman, Assistant Theater Manager: x115
  • Patsy Morningstar, Finance Assistant: x117
  • Juliet Goodfriend, Founder/Chair, Board of Directors: x120

By Email

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