A Chef's Voyage (2020)
A Chef's Voyage (2020)
A Chef's Voyage (2020)
A Chef's Voyage (2020)
A Chef's Voyage (2020)
A Chef's Voyage (2020)



(NR) USA – 1 hr 30 min  
2020 · d. Rémi Anfosso, Jason Matzner
Starring David Kinch, Jean-André Charial, Glenn Viel
Rental: $10.00 (72 hour streaming period)


Chef David Kinch has dedicated fifteen years to Manresa, his three-Michelin-star restaurant in Los Gatos, California. To celebrate the anniversary, Kinch takes his team on an intense journey across France to participate in a series of collaborations with acclaimed chefs in Paris, Provence, and Marseille. Featuring mouth-watering meals and gorgeous locations, this documentary gives a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse at the work and passion behind cooking at the highest level.

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