Billy the Kid (2007)
Billy the Kid (2007)
Billy the Kid (2007)
Billy the Kid (2007)
Billy the Kid (2007)
Billy the Kid (2007)


Theater 5
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(PG-13) USA – 1 hr 24 min  
2007 · d. Jennifer Venditti
Starring Billy Price, Penny Baker, Heather Pelletier
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Fifteen-year-old Billy is a dreamer. He loves karate and hard rock, and takes life lessons from Terminator 2. His childhood was rough, but he’s been resilient. He’s full of contradictions—a magnetic presence, yet painfully awkward; naïve, yet wise beyond his years. Originally released in 2007, this newly remastered documentary follows Billy through his first experiences in love, drawing an intimate portrait of a one-of-kind kid undergoing the familiar transitions of adolescence.

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