Close-Up (1990)
Close-Up (1990)



Kiarostami: Life and Nothing More
(NR) Iran – 1 hr 38 min – with subtitles  
1990 · d. Abbas Kiarostami 
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Starring Hossain Sabzian, Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Sabzian, an impoverished, movie-crazy young man convinces a family of strangers that he is a famous Iranian director, then casts them in his “new film.” After his story unravels, director Abbas Kiarostami films Sabzian’s trial for fraud—then casts the accused and his dupes in a dramatization of the incident. Got that straight? Widely regarded as a masterpiece of world cinema, this documentary-drama hybrid examines the line between fact and fiction while exploring the nature of art.

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Monday, November 25