Community Curated: Guilty Pleasure Movies

Community Curated List

We asked you, “What movie is your guilty pleasure? You might be embarrassed to admit how much you love it, but tell us anyway.”

At BMFI, we don’t exactly feel “guilty” about our “guilty pleasure” movies. “Guilty pleasures” don’t have to be “bad”. They can be comforting. They can be restorative. They can be a familiar friend or a reset button at the end of a stressful day. We’ve been there, watched that, and keep coming back. They may or may not have racked up awards, but that doesn’t mean they bring any less joy to our lives.

Here are a couple of picks from some members of the BMFI Board of Directors. See the full list on Letterboxd. We’re not embarrassed by our guilty pleasures. Sorry, not sorry.

Lady Jane, Anmiryam Budner
Dodgeball and Legally Blonde, Jane Corrigan
The Man with Two Brains, Francie Ingersoll
Out of Sight and Something’s Gotta Give, Marsha Perelman
Carnal Knowledge and Easy Rider, David Pudlin