Community Curated: Holiday Movies

Community Curated List

Since it’s “the most wonderful time of the year,” we asked you for movies that have depicted it memorably. From definitive (It’s a Wonderful Life) to animated (The Polar Express) to cynical (The Ref), BMFI patrons share their favorite holiday movies. See the full list of recommendations, chosen by you.

Although the annual debate over its holiday ranking rages on, Die Hard took the top slot in this week’s Community Curated list. If you’re still doubtful, director John McTiernan may have settled the dispute once and for all.

Once you’ve re-watched Die Hard for the umpteenth time, Andrew has shared some more Christmas-themed thrillers in this week’s episode of Ask Andrew. If you have any film-related questions you’d like ask, Andrew may have the answer! Let us know in the Ask Andrew Form.