Community Curated: Quarantine Movie

Community Curated List

We asked you: You’re in quarantine for a month. You can watch one movie. One movie. All month. No cheating. What would your quarantine movie be?

Our staff answers here, and see the full community-curated list on Letterboxd!

The Princess Bride, Hannah Cluver, Theater Staff
The Social Network, Andrew J. Douglas, Ph.D., Senior Director, Education and Administration
Kill Bill, Julia Holeman, Theater Staff
Grey Gardens, Gina Izzo, Director of Marketing
The Royal Tenenbaums, Abby Lenhard, Theater Staff
A Brighter Summer Day, Jacob Mazer, Special Programming Manager
Lady Bird, Jess McGinty, Theater Staff
The Shawshank Redemption, Jan Prendergast, Director of Finance
The Big Lebowski, Heather Rosenfeldt, Art Director
Hannah and Her Sisters, Patricia Russo, Membership Manager
Goodfellas, Jon Seidman, Theater Manager
Before Sunset, Victoria Stern, Sales and Marketing Associate
There Will Be Blood, Zane Stalberg, Membership and Rentals Coordinator