Desert One (2019)
Desert One (2019)
Desert One (2019)
Desert One (2019)


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(NR) USA – 1 hr 47 min  
2019 · d. Barbara Kopple
Starring Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Ted Koppel
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In the aftermath of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, fifty-two Americans were detained and held hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. As the situation dragged on, fueling a tense stand-off between the nations, U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his team planned a daring helicopter rescue that would ultimately end in catastrophe. Using new interviews and previously unreleased archival materials, master documentarian Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA) tells the gripping story of a crucial event in both domestic politics and international relations—one that still casts a shadow on the global stage.

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