Falling (2020)
Falling (2020)
Falling (2020)
Falling (2020)


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(R) Canada/ UK/Denmark– 1 hr 34 min  
2020 · d. Viggo Mortensen
Starring Viggo Mortensen, Lance Henriksen, Laura Linney
Rental: $12.00 (48 hour streaming period)


John (Viggo Mortensen) lives a happy life in Los Angeles with his husband and their young daughter, having long since distanced himself from his small-minded rural upbringing. But when his cantankerous, bigoted father (Lance Henriksen) begins to suffer from dementia, John takes him in, leading both men toward a family reckoning. Marking Mortensen’s first turn as writer and director, Falling was praised by The Guardian as “a powerful debut…a very substantial achievement.”

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