Luxor (2020)
Luxor (2020)
Luxor (2020)
Luxor (2020)
Luxor (2020)



(NR) Egypt/UK/United Arab Emirates – 1 hr 32 min  
2020 · d. Zeina Durra
Starring Andrea Riseborough, Karim Saleh, Michael Landes, Shirin Redha
Rental: $12.00 (72 hour streaming period)


After a traumatic term of service in a Syrian warzone, British surgeon Hana (Andrea Riseborough) comes to collect herself in the Egyptian city of Luxor, where she encounters an old lover (Karim Saleh) from years before. As the two rekindle their connection amid Luxor’s archeological marvels, Hana is forced to confront a past that she has tried hard to forget.

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