My Prince Edward (2019)
My Prince Edward (2019)
My Prince Edward (2019)
My Prince Edward (2019)
My Prince Edward (2019)



(NR) Hong Kong – 1 hr 32 min – with subtitles  
2019 · d. Norris Wong
Starring Stephy Tang, Pak Hon Chu, Hee Ching Paw
Rental: $10.00 (24 hour streaming period)


Fong (Stephy Tang) works at a thriving Hong Kong bridal shop, but her own engagement is marked by ambivalence, money troubles, and external pressures. Most seriously, she has kept a secret from her fiancée—to escape a youthful bind years before, she was involved in a bogus marriage to a stranger, and legally speaking, she’s still married. Things get even more complicated when her previous spouse shows up in town, prompting her to question her ideas about happiness and partnership. Weaving together comedy and drama, Norris Wong’s debut feature tells a knowing, relatable story of a young woman’s search for independence.

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