Pierrot Le Fou (1965)
Pierrot Le Fou (1965)
Pierrot Le Fou (1965)
Pierrot Le Fou (1965)


Pierrot le Fou

Godard: Revolution Forever
(NR) France/Italy – 1 hr 50 min – with subtitles  
1965 · d. Jean-Luc Godard
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Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina, Graziella Galvani

Remastered! An ad man (Jean-Paul Belmondo) ditches his bourgeois life to join the family babysitter (Anna Karina) on a cross-country crime spree, with hitmen in hot pursuit. Interspersed with musical numbers, slapstick routines, and fourth wall-breaking interludes, this stylish road trip frolic is a tribute to the possibilities of cinema.

Pierrot le Fou will be introduced by Lisa DeNight.

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Thursday, November 21