Sinai Field Mission (1978)
Sinai Field Mission (1978)
Sinai Field Mission (1978)
Sinai Field Mission (1978)


Theater 5
Starts Wednesday, October 28!

Wednesdays with Wiseman
(NR) USA – 2 hr 7 min  
1978 · d. Frederick Wiseman
Rental: $8.00 (7 day streaming period)

The Sinai Field Mission was established by the American government in 1976 to monitor military movements and help de-escalate tensions between Egypt and Israel following their 1973 war. This 1978 documentary follows the station’s technicians and officials through their routine activities amid the harsh landscape of the Sinai Peninsula, providing a glimpse into the daily practice of diplomacy.

The film is accompanied by an exclusive, pre-recorded conversation between director Frederick Wiseman and documentarian Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War, Wormwood).

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  • Wednesday, October 28 · 8:00 am