Sep 19-Sep 27Juliet, Naked
Sep 19-Sep 27Operation Finale
Sep 19-Sep 27The Wife
Sep 19-Sep 25BlacKkKlansman
Sep 20Jay Schwartz Presents Trailer Trash III
Sep 21-Sep 27Fahrenheit 11/9
Sep 21-Sep 27The Children Act
Sep 22An American in Paris
Sep 23Looney Tunes Shorts
Sep 23The Warriors
Sep 24-Nov 26Film History Discussion Series: 1945-Present
Sep 24-Oct 15The Language of Film
Sep 25From Page to Screen: The Art of Adaptation - The Age of Innocence
Sep 25Short Attention Span Cinema 6: Drama
Sep 27-Nov 15The Foundation of the Feature-Length Screenplay
Sep 27Minding the Gap
Sep 29Deconstructing The Beatles: 1963 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Oct 1-Dec 3Open Screen Monday
Oct 3-Oct 6Magical Mystery Tour
Oct 4Cinema Classics Seminar: Cabaret
Oct 4Cabaret
Oct 6April and the Extraordinary World
Oct 7-May 5Talk Cinema
Oct 9-Oct 30Teenage Dreams, American Nightmares: Americana, Youth Culture, and the Horror Film
Oct 9Halloween
Oct 11Cinema Classics Seminar: The Conformist
Oct 11The Conformist
Oct 13NY Dog Film Festival Program 1: "Outdoor Adventures With Dogs"
Oct 13Julie
Oct 13NY Dog Film Festival Program 2: "Who Rescued Whom?"
Oct 14Der Fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman)
Oct 16From Page to Screen: The Art of Adaptation -
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Oct 16Near Dark
Oct 18Harakiri
Oct 20NY Cat Film Festival Program 1: "Nobody Owns a Cat"
Oct 20The Merry Wives of Windsor
Oct 20NY Cat Film Festival Program 2: "Little Works of Art"
Oct 22-Nov 12"No Hugging, No Learning": The Unsentimental Truths of Seinfeld
Oct 23Donnie Darko
Oct 25Cinema Classics Seminar: Starship Troopers
Oct 25Starship Troopers
Oct 27Lassie Come Home
Oct 28Frankenstein
Oct 30Carrie
Nov 1District 9
Nov 3My Neighbor Totoro
Nov 4Die Lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow)
Nov 7Cinema Classics Seminar: L'Atalante
Nov 7L’Atalante
Nov 8-Nov 17King Lear
Nov 10Best of the 2018 Children’s Film Festival Seattle – Animated Shorts
Nov 10McKellan: Playing the Part
Nov 13From Page to Screen: The Art of Adaptation - Election
Nov 13-Dec 11The Magic of Disney, Pt. 3
Nov 14Music Got Me Here—POSTPONED!
Nov 15Big Time
Nov 17Best of the 2018 Children’s Film Festival Seattle – Live Action Shorts
Nov 19-Dec 17Through a Lens Darkly: Mid-Century Bergman
Nov 19Summer Interlude
Nov 24“The Red Balloon” and “White Mane”
Nov 25Mayerling
Nov 26Summer with Monika
Nov 29Cinema Classics Seminar: Wanda
Nov 29Wanda
Dec 1The Secret World of Arrietty
Dec 1Degas – Passion for Perfection
Dec 3Through a Glass Darkly
Dec 5Cinema Classics Seminar: The Big Sleep
Dec 5The Big Sleep
Dec 8Finding Nemo
Dec 9La Sylphide
Dec 10Winter Light
Dec 11From Page to Screen: The Art of Adaptation - Mildred Pierce
Dec 12The Big Lebowski
Dec 15Finding Dory
Dec 15The Madness of George III
Dec 16The Nutcracker
Dec 19Everybody Sing! The Sound of Music
Dec 22It’s a Wonderful Life
Dec 29The Muppet Christmas Carol
Dec 31Raffle Drawing: Win a Seven-night Stay for Nine in Rome and $1,000 Spending Cash!