Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia: Shoelaces

(NR) Israel – 1 hr 30 min  
2018 · d. Jacob Goldwasser   Official Site
Starring Nevo Kimchi, Dov Glikman
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After years of separation, Gadi (Nevo Kimchi), a young man with special needs, reconnects with his estranged father (Dov Glikman), who is in need of a kidney transplant. When Gadi volunteers as a donor, a medical board denies his offer, claiming that he is not capable of making the decision. Not wishing to lose the father he has just gained, Gadi digs in to fight for his right to make his own choices. Director Jacob Goldwasser tells a tale of optimism, warmth, and love that must strive against all odds in order to be heard.

With the aim of enriching the American vision of Israeli culture and society through film, the Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia, now in its 24th season, returns to BMFI for a thought-provoking program. Visit for more information.

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Sunday, March 317:00pm