Jurassic Park

Science on Screen
(PG-13) USA – 2 hr 7 min  
1993 · d. Steven Spielberg   Official Site Reviews
Starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum

“Hold onto your butts!” A group of experts—including a duo of scientists (Sam Neill and Laura Dern) and a wisecracking chaos theorist (Jeff Goldblum)—are summoned to a millionaire's remote island to preview his new creation: a nature reserve populated by living dinosaurs, cloned from prehistoric DNA. When the park's security system fails, the visitors must brave the rampaging dinosaurs to shepherd their host's grandchildren to safety. 

After the screening, science writer and exhibit developer “Dino” Don Lessem (who served as Steven Spielberg's dinosaur advisor during the film's production) will help us separate dino-fact from fiction. 

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Saturday, April 131:00pm