This Magnificent Cake! & Stop-Motion Shorts

(NR) Belgium – 1 hr 15 min  
2018 · d. Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels   Official Site Reviews
Starring Jan Decleir, Bruno Levie, Paul Huvenne, Gaston Matambo

During Belgium’s brutal occupation of the Congo, at a lavish hotel in the jungle, a king suffers from hiccups and insomnia, an indigenous porter endures a bratty child, and a drunken businessman befriends a giant snail. Rendered in intricate stop-motion animation, this omnibus deftly switches between comedy, tragedy, and the surreal. Presented alongside the shorts “The Burden” and “Oh Willy,” this program showcases three jewels of the contemporary stop-motion renaissance.

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This program is recommended for audiences aged 13+.

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Wednesday, July 177:00pm