Burn After Reading (2008)

Tickets and Policies

Tickets for all scheduled films can be purchased from this website or at the Box Office. The Box Office opens one half hour before the first screening of the day, and closes one half hour after the day's last screening begins. The theater is open every day of the year.

Ticket Prices:
(unless otherwise noted)
General Admission · Evenings $12.50
General Admission · Matinees before 3:00 pm
(Wednesdays Only)
BMFI Members · Mon-Thur $7.00
BMFI Members · Fri-Sun $8.00
Seniors (65+) $10.00
Children under 18 $10.00
Students with valid ID $10.00
AHVM Program* · Mon-Thur $7.00
AHVM Program* · Fri-Sun $8.00

Kids Saturday Matinees:
Adults $5.00
Kids $4.00

Stage On Screen:
General Admission $20.00
BMFI Members $18.00
Student with ID $10.00

Special Events Ticket prices can be found on the specific event's web page or in Projections.

Group Ticket Sales For group ticket sales of 20 or more tickets, please visit the box office.

*The Art House Visiting Members Program allows members of a participating theater (such as BMFI) to purchase tickets at other participating theaters (including Ambler Theater, County Theater, and Hiway Theater) at the member discount by presenting a valid membership card from their home theater and, if requested, a picture ID.

Online Ticketing Tutorial


Review BMFI's policies and frequently asked questions for more information, or contact us with your questions.

  • Children Under 6

    Children under age six are not admitted to regular screenings. Children of all ages are welcome at our Saturday Matinees and Going Gaga matinees. Because Going Gaga features current feature films which are geared towards a mature audience, this program is recommended for parents with children younger than eighteen months.

  • Late Arrivals

    The theater reserves the right to stop selling tickets and seating patrons after a film has started.

  • Outside Food and Drink

    Patrons are not permitted to bring outside food and drink into the theater except for food and drink from Hothouse Coffee. No glass bottles are allowed in the theater for safety reasons.

  • Use of Membership Cards

    We've had some good questions about the use of Bryn Mawr Film Institute membership cards, so we thought we'd list some clarifications. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us immediately.

    Membership cards should be shown when buying tickets.
    Showing your membership card moves ticket sales quickly. If you don't have your card with you, box office staff will have to check your name on our membership list, which takes a minute. Thank you for your patience.

    Membership cards cannot be used by a nonmember.
    A membership card can be used only for the benefit of the named holder. The card cannot be loaned to a nonmember. A member cannot buy a discounted ticket for a nonmember friend, either.

    Couple/Dual Memberships
    In memberships that cover more than one person (Couple/Family, Producer Couple, Angel and up), only one person need show a card in order to obtain the discount for all persons covered by the membership.

    Children of Member
    Minor children (18 years or younger) of Couple/Family and Producer Couple members are admitted at the member price.

    Advance Ticket Sales to Members
    Bryn Mawr Film Institute members can purchase tickets at the box office to special screenings and regular features as soon as the schedules are announced. Sorry, we don't sell tickets by phone. If some of your advance tickets are for nonmembers, you must pay the general admission price for those tickets. Members at the Mogul level and above may reserve their free seats for main attraction films by telephone.

  • Refunds

    We regret that we cannot replace lost or stolen tickets.

    Refunds for tickets to current main attraction films
    If you purchased your ticket for a current main attraction film at the box office and then find that you cannot attend the screening, you can receive a refund if the unused ticket is brought to the box office before the show time.

    Refunds for tickets to all other special event programming
    There are generally no refunds on tickets for special event programming. However, if there is already an encore presentation of the event currently scheduled, you may exchange your ticket at the box office for a ticket for the encore presentation of that same event only, if the event is not sold-out, so long as you make the exchange in person and before the date and time of the original event you cannot attend.

  • Free Pass/Free Admission

    Exchange your free pass for a ticket at the box office. Mogul, Angel, Director, Film Maker, and Cineaste members should show their card at the box office to receive a free ticket.

  • Movie Questions

    Q: When are new films and show times announced?
    A: The new weekly schedule is usually announced on Tuesday evenings via the weekly email sent to all members and others who join the BMFI email list. The film schedule is also posted on the website.

    Q: When are you getting this movie I see listed in the "New Release" section of Projections and on the posters in the lobby?
    Movies listed in the "New Release" section of Projections are films BMFI would like to book and are actively trying to get. However, we do not know when and if we will be able to book these films. Bookings for new releases are made on a week-by-week basis and announced Tuesday evenings. Check the website homepage or call the BMFI hotline (610.527.9898) for the upcoming schedule.

    Q: How long will this movie play at BMFI?
    A: Film booking is done on a week-by-week basis. The new schedule is usually announced Tuesday evening. You can find all scheduled films on the BMFI website or by calling the theater hotline at 610.527.9898.

    Q: When are you going to get a new movie?
    A: BMFI is contractually obligated by distributors to keep films as long as they are performing well at the box office. This sometimes makes it hard to get new movies.

    Q: Do you have 15 to 20 minutes of previews?
    A: No, at BMFI we only have five to seven minutes of previews before new releases and no previews at all for repertory films and special events, which begin promptly at the advertised show time.

    Q: Why is the newspaper always wrong?
    A: Show times change daily and so one must be sure to look at the newspaper for a specific day in order to get accurate show times for that day. If you are certain that a show time has been printed incorrectly in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and you can provide proof, BMFI will accommodate you with one free pass. Always check for the correct movie showtimes. BMFI does NOT provide showtimes to other sites, (Fandango, etc.) and those sites often list incorrect information.

    Q: How early should I come to make sure I get a good seat?
    A: Seating is on a first come, first served basis. To ensure a good seat for popular movies on the weekends and for special events, we recommend that you arrive twenty minutes before show time.

  • Parking Questions

    Q: Where can I park?
    A: Detailed parking information can be found on the Parking page of the web site.

  • Movie Ticket Questions

    Q: Where can I find the movie times if I do not have internet service?
    A: Call the BMFI Hotline at 610.527.9898 for movie times.

    Q: Why doesn't anyone answer the telephone?
    A: The box office is staffed only during show times, and box office employees are not able to answer the phones during sell time. Sell time is the 45 minute window around individual show times (30 minutes before and 15 minutes after). If you leave a message, someone will call you back as soon as possible, but certainly within 24 hours.

    Q: Can I buy tickets over the phone?
    A: BMFI does not sell tickets over the phone. Mogul, Angel, and higher-level members may reserve their free admission tickets via telephone. Tickets can be purchased at the BMFI box office or online at Tickets cannot be purchased at the BMFI business office.

    Q: How do I purchase tickets online?
    A: Browse the schedule of films on the BMFI homepage and select the film you would like to see. From there, select the desired show time to complete the ticket purchase.

    Q: I had trouble purchasing tickets online. What do I do?
    A: See the instructions above or call our tech support line at 610.295.1356.

  • Theater Questions

    Q: How old is this building? When did this theater open?
    A: The 1926 theater building's story can be found on the About page of the web site.

  • Concessions Questions

    Q: What kind of oil do you use for your popcorn?
    A: BMFI uses trans-fat free sunflower oil.

    Q: Is your popcorn, oil, and butter Kosher? Is it vegan?
    A: Yes, our popcorn, oil, and butter-flavored topping are all vegan and kosher.

    Q: Is the butter topping real butter?
    A: The butter topping is a trans-fat free artificial butter flavor made with soybean oil.

    Q: Can I bring coffee or food from the café into the theater?
    A: Anything purchased at Hot House Coffee may be brought into the theater with the exception of glass bottles.

  • Donation Questions

    Q: How can I donate to the theater?
    A: Thank you for asking! Information about the many ways to donate to BMFI and how you will be recognized for your gift can be found on the BMFI website under SUPPORT or you can Donate directly though our secure web site.

    Q: My group is interested in getting a donation from Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Whom do I contact about this?
    A: For donation requests, please email your requests to