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Private Theater Rentals at BMFI

BMFI presents private theater rentals!

Private Rental Rates
Picking Your Film
Cancellation and Rescheduling
Health and Safety Precautions
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Private theater rentals allow you, your family, and up to 15 people in your “bubble” to view your favorite film in one of BMFI’s four state-of-the-art theaters. Bring your favorite classic movie, Hollywood blockbuster, or an indie gem. The choice is yours. 

Private theater rentals start at $250, and all rentals include up to $100 of BMFI’s mouth-watering concessions at no additional charge. Prices vary depending on day of the week, time of day, and the length of your selected film. See the Private Rental Rates for a full list of prices. Currently, all rentals have a maximum capacity of 15 people per screening.

BMFI’s private theater rentals are for the exclusive enjoyment of you and your bubble. Renters may not publicize these screenings, charge admission, or use the screening as a fundraiser.

For more details, please contact BMFI by requesting a rental, emailing, or at 610.527.4008 x107. In order to successfully secure your first choice of date and time for a screening, please confirm your booking as soon as possible.

Theater rentals at BMFI . . . your chance to finally return to the movies you love.

Private Rental Rates

Private rentals accommodate a film up to 2 hours 15 minutes in length. Longer films are priced at $100 for each additional hour or portion thereof. All rentals include up to $100 worth of concessions. BMFI Members receive a 10% discount on their rental. Indicated rental start times are approximate. Your exact start time will be finalized during the rental process.

Weekday MorningMonday–Friday, 10:00 am$250
Weekday AfternoonMonday–Friday, 1:30 pm$300
Weekday EveningMonday–Thursday, 7:00 pm$350
Weekend MorningSaturday–Sunday, 10:00 am$300
Weekend AfternoonSaturday–Sunday, 1:30 pm$350
Weekend EveningFriday–Saturday, 7:30 pm | Sunday, 5:00 pm$400

Picking Your Film

Renters are responsible for providing the film to screen at BMFI. Films over 135 minutes in length will incur additional charges. Supported formats include Blu-ray, DVD, .mp4 files, gaming consoles, and streaming platforms. If screening a film from a rental or subscription service, (e.g., Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, etc.), the renter must bring a device with the streaming platform installed or provide BMFI their login information temporarily. BMFI requests that renters deliver their film or login credentials 48 hours prior to their screening time for testing to ensure quality control. If the film is currently screening in Theater 5, the price of the movie rental will be added to the theater rental rate.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

BMFI permits rental cancellations at any time, without penalty, up until 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. For cancellation requests with less than 48 hours’ notice, the renter may reschedule the event at no additional charge (one rescheduling permitted per rental). If the renter declines the rescheduling option, then BMFI will retain 50% of the rental fee. If the renter cancels less than 24 hours in advance, s/he may reschedule at no additional charge or forfeit the entire rental fee.

All rescheduled events must take place within three weeks of the original event. Availability of particular showtimes or dates for rescheduled rentals cannot be guaranteed. If nothing is desirable or available within the three-week rescheduling window, then, at management’s discretion, a new date and time beyond the three-week window may be offered, and the renter will have the option of booking that rental or receiving whatever refund is available under the terms given above. Rental bookings are not transferable.

Health and Safety Precautions

Staff Health and Safety Precautions
Patron Health and Safety Precautions
Building Sanitation Precautions

As we begin to offer theater rentals, BMFI has established plans, protocols, and precautions to ensure the health and safety of both staff and patrons.

In doing so, we are adhering to the guidelines and standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the voluntary CinemaSafe guidelines developed by the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), and all Montgomery County guidelines.

Additionally, to help provide a safer environment throughout the building, we have made significant improvements prior to reopening. We’ve invested in new equipment for even more thorough surface cleaning and sanitation and have made changes to our overall HVAC systems to increase fresh air ventilation and enhance filtration.

Below, you’ll find an overview of the health and safety precautions we’ve implemented at BMFI for you and our staff. Please review them, and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Staff Health and Safety Precautions

  • Before coming to work, staff will self-monitor for fever or other symptoms of COVID-19. They will not come to work if experiencing any symptoms, or if they have been in contact with someone with COVID-19.
  • Staff will receive a temperature check via touchless thermometer upon arrival for their shift. Temperatures must be below the CDC recommendation (100.4°). If not, that staff member will be sent home.
  • Staff will wear masks at all times when interacting with, or in proximity to, each other and the public. Staff who are handling concessions will wear gloves, as well.

Patron Health and Safety Precautions


All patrons must wear appropriate masks properly, over nose and mouth, while at BMFI, except when eating and drinking in one’s theater seat. Per the CDC, appropriate masks meet the following criteria:

  • Two or more layers of breathable fabric
  • Completely cover nose and mouth
  • Fit snugly against the side of the face and do not have gaps
  • Masks with any sort of valve and gaiters are NOT appropriate.

Anyone unwilling to wear a mask or removing their mask (except when eating or drinking in their seat) — or unwilling to wear a mask properly — will be denied entry or required to leave. Please bring a clean, appropriate mask with you. If you do not have such a mask with you, we will provide one.

Remaining Distant

  • Each auditorium offers ample room to remain socially distant. One empty row in front and behind, and three empty seats on either side of an occupied seat will provide at least six feet on all sides between patrons or family groups.
  • For safety’s sake, we ask patrons not to linger in the lobby before or after screenings.
  • Please arrive on time for your private screening. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated. Private rentals will be staggered to avoid contact between separate groups of private renters in the lobbies, entrances, and exits.


  • Up to $100 worth of concessions for your group are included in your rental fee. Concessions can be ordered at the concessions stand at the time of your arrival or preordered when you reserve your private rental.
  • If your concessions total exceeds $100, BMFI will charge the additional amount to your credit or debit card on file. If you prefer to pay with a BMFI gift card, you will need to do so before exiting the theater.
  • Plexiglass dividers have been installed at the concessions counter to separate patrons and staff.
  • Refreshments  purchased outside of BMFI  are  not permitted in the theater.
  • Please follow all signs and use social distancing while in the concessions lobby
  • Items that were previously self-serve, such as butter topping, salt, straws, and napkins, will now be provided by BMFI staff upon request.
  • There will be no refills of popcorn or fountain drinks.
  • All concessions items must be consumed only while you are seated in the auditorium.
  • For everyone’s safety, patrons are asked to take their concessions trash with them when leaving a screening and to dispose of it in the trash cans provided.
  • The concessions area will be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals.


  • All restrooms have touchless faucets, paper towel dispensers, and toilet flushers. Touchless hand-sanitizer stations are available outside of each restroom.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized by staff during and after each screening.

Building Sanitation Precautions

  • “Cleaned and Sanitized” ribbons will appear on all seats upon entry to the auditorium. Patrons are asked to remove the ribbons on seats that they are using during the rental  and to dispose of the ribbons in provided trash cans upon exit.
  • After each private screening, the seats that have been occupied and any other areas that may have been touched will be carefully cleaned. BMFI staff will spray each auditorium with an electrostatic mister with a disinfectant solution approved by the CDC and EPA to neutralize viruses, including COVID-19. This solution will be applied to seats, seatbacks, armrests, and partitions in our auditoriums as well as various other areas in the building. “Cleaned and Sanitized” ribbons will be replaced on all treated seats, indicating they are ready for use.
  • The lobby, box office, and restrooms will be cleaned after each screening has started, and the concessions area will be cleaned at frequent and regular intervals.
  • Disinfecting wipes will be available at the entrance of each auditorium for any patrons wishing to wipe down their own seats in addition to BMFI’s thorough cleaning.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations are available throughout the theater building.
  • All staff and patrons will wear masks. Staff will also wear gloves when handling concessions.
  • Patrons may only remove masks when eating or drinking in their seats in each auditorium.
  • BMFI has added Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NBPI) technology to all of its HVAC systems that effectively increases filtration efficiency and helps to significantly reduce airborne pathogens. All HVAC systems have been modified to increase fresh air circulation.

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