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For questions or more information about donating to Bryn Mawr Film Institute, please contact Susan Ethridge, Donor Engagement Manager, at 610.527.4008 x103 or via email. Please visit the Support page to learn about other ways you can support BMFI.

If you prefer to mail your donation or would like to pledge a significant gift over time, please use our downloadable pledge form. BMFI is pleased to accept donations from charitable foundations and donor advised funds.*

Unrestricted Gift

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit film exhibition and education center, Bryn Mawr Film Institute relies on community support. Your unrestricted gift will help BMFI meet its most urgent funding needs, which include everything from maintaining our little section of the Main Line’s historic architecture to crafting programs that build community through film culture. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated.



The magic of the movies takes place in the seats, with individuals gathered in community with friends and strangers, immersed in the story unfolding on screen. There are few things more impactful in our building than the comfortable seats in which our viewers take that journey. Celebrate your appreciation of that experience by sponsoring your very own seat!

Whether you leave your mark with your own name or honor another who loved the movies, show your support for Bryn Mawr Film Institute by sponsoring a theater seat. You will be contacted to select the specific seat on which we should install your plaque. Your generous donation will go towards the operation of our historic theater and will forever register what a special place film has held in your life. Thank you!



Thank you for supporting the Bryn Mawr Film Institute Endowment Fund. Your generosity will ensure the future health and vitality of BMFI for decades to come.


Capital Fund

Thank you for supporting Bryn Mawr Film Institute with a gift to the BMFI Capital Fund. Your gift will help to keep our facilities and technologies up to date. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Thank You!


* PLEASE NOTE: per IRS regulations, these grants and disbursements cannot confer membership benefits. BMFI membership must be purchased via personal check, credit card, or cash.

BMFI EIN: 04-3682610

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