Projections is BMFI’s quarterly programming magazine featuring special events, educational opportunities, Stage on Screen presentations, and more, plus an update from the Executive Director. See this season’s offerings in this latest edition or browse past issues below.  

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cover of BMFI's summer 2024 programming magazine, Projections

Spring 2024

Projections Archive

BMFI published its first issue of Projections magazine in December 2009. Revisit some of the special programs, film studies courses, events, and more that have happened at BMFI over the last decade in the Projections archive.  

cover of BMFI's magazine, Projections 69, Spring 2024PROJECTIONS 69Spring 2024View
PROJECTIONS 68December 2023 — March 2024View
PROJECTIONS 67September – December 2023View
PROJECTIONS 66June – August 2023View
PROJECTIONS 65March – May 2023View
PROJECTIONS 64December 2022 – March 2023View
PROJECTIONS 63September – December 2022View
PROJECTIONS 62June – August 2022View
PROJECTIONS 61March — May 2020View
PROJECTIONS 60December 2019 – March 2020View
PROJECTIONS 59September – December 2019View
PROJECTIONS 58June – August 2019View
PROJECTIONS 57March  – May 2019View
PROJECTIONS 56December 2018 – March 2019View 
PROJECTIONS 55September – December 2018View 
PROJECTIONS 54June – August 2018View 
PROJECTIONS 53March  – May 2018View 
PROJECTIONS 52December 2017 – March 2018View 
PROJECTIONS 51September – December 2017View 
PROJECTIONS 50June – August 2017View 
PROJECTIONS 49March — May 2017View 
PROJECTIONS 48December 2016 – March 2017View 
PROJECTIONS 47September – December 2016View 
PROJECTIONS 46June – August 2016View 
PROJECTIONS 45March – May 2016View 
PROJECTIONS 44December 2015  – March 2016View 
PROJECTIONS 43September – December 2015View 
PROJECTIONS 42June – August 2015View 
PROJECTIONS 41March – May 2015View
PROJECTIONS 40December 2014  – March 2015View 
PROJECTIONS 39September – December 2014View 
PROJECTIONS 38June — August 2014View 
PROJECTIONS 37March – May 2014View 
PROJECTIONS 36December 2013 – March 2014View 
PROJECTIONS 35September – December 2013View 
PROJECTIONS 34June — August 2013View 
PROJECTIONS 33March – May 2013View 
PROJECTIONS 32December 2012 — March 2013View 
PROJECTIONS 31September — December 2012View 
PROJECTIONS 30June — August 2012View 
PROJECTIONS 29March — May 2012View 
PROJECTIONS 28December 2011 — March 2012View 
PROJECTIONS 27September — December 2011View 
PROJECTIONS 26June — August 2011View 
PROJECTIONS 25March — May 2011View
PROJECTIONS 24December 2010 — March 2011View 
PROJECTIONS 23September — December 2010View 
PROJECTIONS 22June – August 2010View
PROJECTIONS 21March — June 2010View
PROJECTIONS 20December 2009 – March 2010View