The Sandlot (1993)


We have done our best to provide answers to many frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us for assistance.

Movie Questions

Q: When are new movies and showtimes announced?
A: We announce our newest movies on Tuesday evenings, unless there is a delay due to a holiday or some other reason. is updated in real time, making it the fastest and most accurate way to see our current schedule. You can sign up to receive our weekly schedule, which is emailed every Tuesday and includes the newest films, special screenings, and film education offerings.

Q: When are you getting this movie I see listed in the “New Release” section of Projections and on the posters in the lobby?
Movies listed in the “New Release” section of Projections are films BMFI would like to show and is actively trying to get. However, we do not know when and if we will be able to book these films. Bookings for new releases are made on a week-by-week basis and announced on Tuesday evenings. Visit the Films page or call the BMFI hotline (610.527.9898) for the most current showtimes.

Q: How long will this movie play at BMFI?
A: We’re not entirely sure. Main attraction films are booked on a week-to-week basis. If there is a new movie you want to see at BMFI, we recommend attending as early as possible, because we can’t guarantee a run for more than one week at a time.

Q: When are you going to get a new movie?
A: BMFI is contractually obligated by distributors to keep films that are well-attended and in high demand from audiences. This sometimes makes it hard to get new movies.

Q: Do you have 15 to 20 minutes of previews?
A: No, at BMFI we only have six to eight minutes of previews before new releases. There are no previews before repertory films and special events, which begin promptly at the advertised show time.

Q: Why are your showtimes wrong in the newspaper?
A: Showtimes change every day, so the newspaper listings for Monday only apply to Monday. Be sure the newspaper you’re reading was published for the same day. If you are certain that a showtime has been printed incorrectly in the Philadelphia Inquirer or Daily News, and you can provide proof, BMFI will accommodate you with one free pass. Always check for the correct movie showtimes. BMFI does NOT provide showtimes to other sites, (e.g., Fandango) and those sites often list incorrect information.

Q: How early should I come to make sure I get a good seat?
A: Seating is on a first come, first served basis. To ensure a good seat for popular movies on the weekends and for special events, we recommend that you arrive twenty minutes before show time.

Parking Questions

Q: Where can I park?
A: Detailed parking information can be found on the Parking page of the web site.

Movie Ticket Questions

Q: Why doesn’t anyone answer the telephone?
A: The Box Office staff cannot answer phones during the 30 minutes prior to and 15 minutes after a movie starting, as they are assisting in-theater customers with ticket purchases, popcorn and candy sales, and finding seats in the theaters. Please leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible, but certainly within 24 hours.

Q: Can I buy tickets over the phone?
A: BMFI cannot sell tickets over the phone. Mogul, Angel, and higher-level members may access their free admission benefits via telephone. Tickets can be purchased at the BMFI Box Office or online at Tickets cannot be purchased at the BMFI business office.

Q: How do I purchase tickets online?
A: Browse the schedule of films on and select the film you would like to see. From there, select the desired show time to complete the ticket purchase.

Refunds and Exchanges Questions

BMFI refunds policy can be found on the Tickets & Policies page.

Theater Questions

Q: How old is this building? When did this theater open?
A: The 1926 theater building’s story can be found on the About page.

Concessions Questions

Q: What kind of oil do you use for your popcorn?
A: BMFI uses trans-fat free sunflower oil.

Q: Is your popcorn, oil, and butter Kosher? Is it vegan?
A: Yes, our popcorn, oil, and butter-flavored topping are all vegan and kosher.

Q: Is the butter topping real butter?
A: The butter topping is a trans-fat free artificial butter flavor made with soybean oil.

Q: Can I bring coffee or food from the café into the theater?
A: Anything purchased at Hot House Coffee may be brought into the theater with the exception of glass bottles.

Donation Questions

Q: How can I donate to the theater?
A: Thank you for asking! Information about the many ways to donate to BMFI and how you will be recognized for your gift can be found on the Support page or you can make a secure donation directly on our site.

Q: My group is interested in getting a donation from Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Whom do I contact about this?
A: For donation requests, please email your requests to