Badlands (1973)
Badlands (1973)
Badlands (1973)
Badlands (1973)
Badlands (1973)
Badlands (1973)



On the Road
(PG) USA – 1 hr 34 min  
1973 · d. Terrence Malick
Starring Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek, Warren Oates

A cool, coiffed killer (Martin Sheen) and his baton-twirling teenage girlfriend (Sissy Spacek, in her breakout role) steal a Cadillac and embark on a swooning, romantic journey through the majestic Western landscape, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. This lyrical debut from Terrence Malick (Days of Heaven, Tree of Life) evokes and deconstructs the mystique of the American frontier.

This screening will be presented in conjunction with the film course Cinematic Journeys: The Road Movie in American Culture, taught by Amy Corbin, Ph.D. Seating for screening-only attendees will begin at 7:00 pm. Just want to see the film? Purchase your tickets from this page.

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Tuesday, June 11