Monthly Film Discussions

May 20, 2021

A Message from Andrew J. Douglas, Ph.D.,
Senior Director, Education and Administration

Summer is around the corner, the days are getting brighter, and our options for learning and engaging with others are multiplying and taking us away from our computers and tablets more and more. Nobody is happier that things are opening up than we are, but it does seem to mean that our weekly Monday night film discussions are not quite as essential as they once were, even just a few short months ago.

As a result, our Film Studies Online discussions will be changing to a monthly schedule. Following the discussion of The Elephant Man (1980) on Monday, May 24, the next discussion will take place on Monday, June 14.

Here’s what’s changing:

Here’s what’s staying the same:

For those of you who will be looking for more film studies opportunities, we are developing some on-site education programs that will be offered at BMFI (and in our Remote Classroom) this summer, which we’ll announce in the coming weeks.

We at BMFI are very proud of this program and the community that has sprung forth from it—a community created by you. We hope you’ll help us guide it into its next phase, and we look forward to the many lively and enriching conversations to come.