BMFI Film Studies Online

April 23, 2020


Media Contact, Gina Izzo, BMFI Director of Marketing

BMFI Film Studies Online presents educational and interactive opportunities to stay socially connected, mentally stimulated, and safely entertained while BMFI is closed. All Film Studies Online discussion programs are free for everyone, because while distance learning is necessary right now, BMFI believes that our collective mental health and creative well-being are important during times like these, too.

New film discussion topics will be announced every Thursday on with an introductory video from one of BMFI’s faculty. Students are invited to watch the introduction, rent or stream the film on their preferred platform, and tune into the live discussion on the following Monday evening at 6:30 pm. The live Zoom discussion is limited to 100 participants and requires registration. The live YouTube simulcast has unlimited capacity and does not require registration.

All past film introductions and discussions are available to stream in the BMFI Film Studies Online Library.

Upcoming live discussions, film introductions, “Ask Andrew” segments, and other film studies sessions designed to amplify viewers’ at-home movie experiences are announced on Subscribe to BMFI’s weekly emails, YouTube Channel, Vimeo Channel, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates.

Contact BMFI education coordinator, Jill Malcolm, with inquiries regarding Film Studies Online offerings.

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