BMFI Pricing Update August 2022

August 8, 2022

For the first time in six years, BMFI is updating the price of most tickets and concessions. Due to rising costs of food and supplies, changes within the studio-exhibition landscape, and a commitment to supporting and retaining our remarkably talented staff, BMFI can no longer absorb the increased expenses without a modest pricing adjustment.

BMFI members will not experience a price increase on tickets at this time. We know that our members value the affordable accessibility to movies on the Main Line. We will strive to keep the member discounts at their current rates for as long as is financially feasible.

Ticket Prices as of August 2022

Ticket Type2022 Price
BMFI Members$8*
Seniors (65+)$11
Children under 18$9
Students with school ID$11
Art House Visiting Members$9
Williams Family Matinees – Kids$5
Williams Family Matinees – Adults$6
Stage on Screen – General Admission$20*
Stage on Screen – BMFI Members$18*
Stage on Screen – Students with ID$11

*Indicates the price has not changed

Concessions Prices as of August 2022

Concessions Item2022 Price
Popcorn – Small$5
Popcorn – Medium$5.75
Popcorn – Large$6.50
Soft Drink – Small$3.50
Soft Drink – Medium$4
Soft Drink – Large$4.25
Bottled Water$3.50
Hot Tea or Coffee$3.50
Specialty Bottled or Canned Beverages$3.50
Traditional Candy$3.50
Combo 1: Small Soft Drink, Small Popcorn, Traditional Candy$11
Combo 2: Two Medium Soft Drinks, One Medium Popcorn$13
Combo 3: One Large Soft Drink, One Large Popcorn$10

Thank you for your continued support. We are committed to providing the best moviegoing experience at competitive and accessible prices for our whole community.

If you’re not already a member, we encourage you to join the BMFI family. Not only will you receive the BMFI member rate on your tickets (which is more than a 40% discount, plus waived online ticketing fees!), 100% of your tax-deductible membership dollars will support BMFI. Half of all ticket sales goes back to the distributor, making membership our most vital form of support.