Israeli Film Festival Screening 2024

April 5, 2024

BMFI is not a political organization. We are one of a number of theatrical venues in the Philadelphia region that works with local film festivals, including the Philadelphia Israeli Film Festival and the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, and have for many years. These festivals utilize BMFI as a venue to provide greater access to independent cinema for members of our community who may find it challenging to attend a full festival in the city.

The singular Israeli Film Festival screening at BMFI is The Child Within Me, a nonpolitical documentary about Yehuda Poliker, one of Israel’s most popular musicians. BMFI works with a variety of cultural organizations to bring diverse stories to our community.

Cultural centers like BMFI have long been arenas for civil and nuanced conversations in difficult times. Art expresses and exposes universal humanity when governments foreign and domestic may overshadow it. At BMFI, we strive to present diverse, independent cinema from around the world to bring our community together, not divide it.

Film has always been a medium for expression and a catalyst for empathy. BMFI supports our community’s right to peaceful protest. We only ask that everyone treats others respectfully regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or opinions. We are here for our entire community.