Theater 5

BMFI is launching a fifth screen… and it’s in your home. 

Theater 5 is BMFI’s new online film hub. We’re working to bring you the BMFI programs you love, including exclusive access to new release movies, film introductions and discussions with Film Studies Online, curated selections you can stream at home, and opportunities to connect with a community of film buffs from a safe physical distance.

New Releases

BMFI is working with distributors and industry partners to bring you exclusive access to new films that you normally would only see on BMFI’s big screen. A portion of your digital tickets will benefit BMFI, just like your ticket to theaters 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Request Technical Support

BMFI staff are here to help. Please visit our Theater 5 Support page if you are experiencing any technical difficulties with online screenings or events.

Film Studies Online

Engage in the film education experiences you love with weekly movie introductions, live film discussions, “Ask Andrew” insights, and more. 

Programmer’s Picks

Enhance your at-home movie watching with curated selections from BMFI’s programming team. 

Fun Stuff

Enjoy movie-themed puzzles, interesting articles, and other fun diversions for film lovers.