Un Flic

Jean-Pierre Melville Centennial
(PG) France – 1 hr 38 min – with subtitles
1972 · d. Jean-Pierre Melville   Official Site Reviews
Starring Alain Delon, Richard Crenna, Catherine Deneuve

In a gloomy Paris, washed in an icy-blue haze, ruthless detective Edouard (Alain Delon) roves through the city on endless patrols. His refuge is The Cotton Club, owned by his friend Simon (Richard Crenna), with whom he shares a girlfriend (Catherine Deneuve). Unbeknownst to him, Simon is also the leader of a criminal gang behind a series of daring robberies. Melville’s final film is flush with his signature touches—the hypnotic, ritualized set pieces staged in real time; the atmosphere of alienation and melancholy; and, of course, trench coats and fedoras aplenty.

Shown in conjunction with the film course Dark Streets, Dark Lives: The Cinema of Jean-Pierre Melville, this screening will be introduced by the course’s instructor, Maurizio Giammarco, Ph.D. 

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Monday, April 27:00pm 2018-04-02 19:00:00 2018-04-02 20:38:00 America/New_York Un Flic Bryn Mawr Film Institute, Bryn Mawr, PA