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Multimedia Room

Facility Rental

To receive more information about cost and availability for rentals of the theaters or Multimedia Room complete and submit the Rental Request Questionnaire and the appropriate person from BMFI will contact you. The form can be completed online and sent as an attachment to, or printed and faxed (610.527.9852), or mailed to:

BMFI Facility Rentals
824 W. Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

  • Theater Rental Frequently Asked Questions

    Please see Rental Policies below for general policies pertaining to all rentals.

    Q: How much does it cost to rent a theater?
    A: Rates will vary according to factors such as time of day, type of event, duration of event, equipment needs, etc. BMFI has worked with independent filmmakers, corporate sponsors, educational institutions, and even wedding parties to build unique events on case-by-case basis. Please contact Zane Stalberg at 610.527.4008 x107 for more information.

    Q: What are the theaters equipped with?
    A: All theaters come equipped for multiple media formats and lighting for live events. Mobile microphones are available.

    Q: Can I show a public screening of film that is no longer a current release?
    A: Most films are available for theatrical screenings, and we can research your title for a booking fee. You will be responsible for the licensing fees and all shipping costs of the film print. Typical rental/licensing fees are $250-$500. (These prices are subject to change.)

    Q: Can I arrange for a private screening of a current release while it is playing at BMFI?
    A: Yes. Rates will vary according to the time of day. Please contact Zane Stalberg at 610.527.4008 x107 for more information.

    Q: Can the BMFI staff assist me in preparing a program?
    A: Yes, Bryn Mawr Film Institute programmers can offer assistance in choosing a film that would best fit your event needs. Our educational faculty is able to offer informative and interesting lectures on an array of film topics for an additional fee.

    Q: Are the theaters equipped with assisted hearing and/or closed captioning devices?
    A: Yes, assisted hearing devices are available free of charge at the concession stand.

    Q: Are there any times when the theaters are not available for rentals?
    A: Yes. The theaters are not rented Friday, Saturday, or Sunday after 1 pm.

    Q: Are there special rates if I would like to purchase a block of tickets?
    A: Yes, block ticket sales for groups of 20 or more can be arranged at the Box Office.

    Film Selection
    We need as much advance notice of your film choice as possible. We also need to know the format you prefer: DVD, Blu-ray, or DCP. Theater 4 also has 35 mm projection capability.

    If you want BMFI to acquire the film for you, there is an additional fee for the theatrical licensing of the film as well as $75 to cover the cost of shipping the film, or the cost of purchasing the DVD, Blu-ray or other media.

    If you are the party obtaining the film, or you produced the film to be screened, a copy must be dropped off at the theater four days in advance. This will give us the opportunity to run the film on our equipment and identify any problems. Non-commercially produced DVDs and Blurays often contain glitches that cannot be corrected by the projection team. BMFI cannot guarantee clean, uninterrupted projection from these sources. BMFI is not responsible or liable for any problems that occur during projection if the rental party fails to provide screening discs at least four days prior to rental.

    Ticket Sales and Staffing
    Renters are solely in charge of all ticket sales. BMFI provides a projectionist during the rental and staff for concession stand sales. The rental party must provide any additional staff needed for an event.

    We do not allow renters to bring in their own food to in-theater events.

  • Multimedia Room Rental

    This versatile space can be used for film lectures or classes, club and committee meetings, adult birthday parties, cocktail receptions and elegant dinners — just use your imagination! The room is tastefully furnished with sleek tables and chairs that can be arranged to best suit your event. The space can be either closed off with blackout screens for maximum privacy and optimal screening conditions, or opened up to a panorama of the village of Bryn Mawr and an over-the-railings view into the vaulted expanse of the historic two-story atrium. The room will hold 100 people for a cocktail reception, up to 60 for a sit-down meal or meeting, and 60 for a screening.

    • Located on the second floor
    • 1,356 square feet
    • Catering kitchen
    • Equipped for multiple media formats

    Multimedia Room Rental Rates
    BMFI reserves the right to quote different rates than listed. Multimedia Room (MMR) availability is limited. All MMR rentals require an additional one-hour combined total of set-up and clean-up time to be added to the time of the actual event.

    Nonprofit Rates: Weekdays $150 per hour · Weekends $200 per hour
    For-Profit Rates: Weekdays $175 per hour · Weekends $250 per hour

    Audio Visual Equipment
    The Multimedia Room is fully equipped with high-definition digital projection and digital sound that can be used to exhibit BluRays, DVDs, VHS, PowerPoint, and web-based media and can be adapted for additional formats. Wireless internet is also available. If the rental party plans on using any of the audio/visual equipment, an additional fee of $50 is required for the cost of an A/V operator. Under no circumstances is the rental party allowed to operate the A/V equipment.

  • Rental Policies

    Detailed parking information can be found on the parking page.

    Day of Event
    The rental party is allowed access to the rental space an hour prior to the event start time and must exit the space no later than an hour after. If tickets are being sold, renters will be given a table for ticket sales to be set up in the atrium one hour prior to the event. A representative from the rental party MUST check-in at the box office with the manager on duty at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the rental. Failure to do so may cause a delay in starting projection and BMFI reserves the right to charge an additional fee of $200/hour or a fraction thereof if you are present in the facility beyond the rental time designated in the contract.

    Booking and Payment of Rentals
    A rental is not booked until a signed contract, security deposit of $250, and rental deposit of 50% of the rental fee is received. The remaining balance must be paid on the day of the event, at or prior to the start of the event. An invoice/reminder notice will be emailed to you in advance.

    Security and Rental Deposit
    If you plan to pay by check, we will require 50% of the rental fee plus $250 for the security deposit. If you plan to pay by credit card, we will charge the card 50% of the rental fee and keep the card number on file for the $250 security deposit and the balance of the rental. The security deposit is applied towards lost, broken, or stolen equipment, and the cleaning of the room if it is not left in the same condition as when the rental begins. Additional charges may also include the cost of repairs; cost of cleaning carpet, chairs and wall stains, replacement of damaged items, and trash bags that have not been removed.

    If an event is cancelled after the contract has been signed and deposits have been made, the security deposit will be returned, however BMFI reserves the right to keep the 50% rental fee deposit.

    There can be no refunds for interruptions or cancellation of events/rentals due to acts of "nature" or forces beyond our controls (such as electric company or water company failures).

    Rental Space Condition
    The Multimedia Room must be left in the same condition as when you arrived, including removal of trash, the condition of all furnishings and equipment, and the location of all furniture and equipment. There are cleaning supplies and a vacuum available to assist with your clean up.

    Renters are not required to remove trash from theaters, though cleanliness is appreciated. Rental parties that leave theaters in an excessively dirty state may incur a fine.

    Under no circumstances may posters or like materials be taped to any painted surfaces in the building.

    Red wine, helium-filled balloons, and glitter are NOT permitted anywhere in the building under any circumstances.

    Event Promotion
    Renters are solely responsible for advertising their event. Promotion that mentions Bryn Mawr Film Institute must be approved by BMFI prior to its release or posting. Bryn Mawr Film Institute may be mentioned in the announcement, or at the bottom of the poster, card or webpage, but only as the location for the event and not in a way that implies that BMFI is the "presenter". This policy can be modified by written agreement between renter and BMFI (e.g. BMFI could be listed as a "presenter") and with written approval of the promotional material by BMFI.

    Equipment and Rentals
    By request, BMFI can provide the rental party with:

    • 60 chairs
    • 14 high top tables
    • 10 six-foot tables
    • 2 round tables
    • 2 coat racks
    • Lectern
    • Signage easels
    • Red carpet ($50 charge)

    BMFI will coordinate with the rental party and caterer for the set up and take down of the tables and chairs.

    Catering Options
    Bryn Mawr Film Institute works with several approved caterers to provide you with the best possible food options for your specific event. If the rental party would like to provide its own refreshments please let BMFI know this in advance. BMFI is a BYO facility. No red wine allowed. Popcorn, candy and beverages can be purchased from our concessions stand.

    We do not allow renters to bring in their own food to in-theater events.